Remove Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter for hair care
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Q: I just got a perm yesterday. It was a partial perm. Just the bottom of my hair, not the very top. To avoid the solution getting on the hair that wasn't getting permed the girl in the salon put cocoa butter on my hair. I can't get it out. It's a greasy mess.
I haven't washed my entire head yet, but I did try to wash just the top avoiding washing the hair that was just permed and it didn't come out. It's still oily and greasy! It was recommended that to use a neutralizing shampoo, but I don't want to ruin or relax the permed hair.

A: Actually, what I suggest is that you get a clarifying shampoo and carefully apply it to the hair that was coated with cocoa butter before wetting the hair.
You can use a towel, wrapped around the head to cover the permed portion of the hair. Then, carefully add water to the shampoo-coated hair and massage it into lather and slowly add more and more water until the hair is rinsed clear.
The clarifying shampoo should be strong enough to strip away the fatty oils of the cocoa butter. Try to avoid getting it on the permed hair. This is not critical, as the shampoo won't hurt the hair, it just may dry out the permed hair more readily since it is so porous from being permed.
If the initial shampooing with the clarifying shampoo doesn't remove enough of the residue of cocoa butter, you can repeat the process. After shampooing, use a rinse-through conditioner to restore moisture balance and make sure the cuticle layer is closed. Remember to be gentle with the hair while it is wet, since wet hair is far more fragile than dry hair.
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