Beveled Ends Technique

Rounded styling for long curly hair
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Q: I have long curly hair and would like to have the ends beveled to create a rounded look at the ends and reduce the bulk. I would still like to maintain versatility with my hair, so I don't want to go too drastic.
Could you explain a technique that could be used at home?

A: One of the simplest techniques is to choose the length you want for the upper layers and work in narrow sections, combing the hair underneath upward to meet the top layer.
Be sure to keep the elevation on the section low - no more than 45 degrees - in order to create shallow layering. The higher you elevate the section the longer the layers below the top one will hang and the steeper your layering will become.
How to bevel cut hair
For simple beveling, use a low elevation and keep the hair combed smooth before you cut it. In addition, keep in mind that curly hair can shrink when it dries as much as 4-inches or more, so always use absolutely the minimum amount of tension when holding the hair to prevent ending up with much shorter lengths when the hair is dry.
A good tip is to remember that it takes a LOT more time to re-grow hair that's too short than to shorten hair that's still too long.
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