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Hair Style to Cover Bald Spots

Q: I have an unusual problem it seems. I have a very high forehead and the sides go back as far as a man who is balding - receding hairlines on both sides, so to speak. It has been this way my whole life and is the main reason I don't go to a stylist. I have tried to explain my dilemma and ask that the top be long enough to cover my "bald spots" as I call them. But, I just am afraid to go and have them cut my hair and there be big gaping bare spots on the sides. Do you have any suggestions for a style? I am 57 years old, mostly gray hair, my face is round, my hair is thin, and just a little longer than shoulder length. I'm ready for a change and am afraid stylists aren't prepared for this type problem. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
A: You are wise to be concerned, but looking for an established and experienced stylist will help to eliminate those worries. These "bald spots" are a good example of the kinds of growth patterns stylists must learn to deal with on a daily basis.
That being said, I have to once again say that the best way to communicate your situation and desires to a stylist is by using terms that are as objective as possible. In other words, don't simply say "I want a mid-length bob." Instead, say, "I want a blunt cut that hangs to the bottoms of my earlobes on the sides."
As to a suggested style for your hair as you describe it, I can only give you broad suggestions since I have only a minimum of information. Most men with thinning hair and balding spots find that their hair looks fuller and thicker when it is cut to shorter lengths. This doesn't have to be super short, but at least a length slightly longer than the width of the balding area.
Perhaps you could consider a style that incorporated shorter lengths in the forward areas of the head with increased length in the back. For example: a shag-style cut that can be styled forward with texture to give a soft, interesting look. You could incorporate a body-wave/large-curl perm to add volume and movement to the style.
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