Metallic Hair Dye

Gradual hair coloring
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Q: What is metallic hair dye? What are examples of some brands? Is Colorshine by Sebastiani a metallic hair dye? Is henna a metallic hair dye?
A: Metallic hair dyes are those products that offer gradual coloring of the hair. They use metallic salts which react with the sulphur in the protein chains of the hair to create a natural looking color in the hair over a period of repeated exposure.
The most prevalent brand of metallic hair dye is Grecian Formula, although any product that claims to "cover gradually" potentially contains metallic salts.
The Sebastian Colourshines line of hair color is a color system with built in shine enhancers designed to give the hair a radiant glow by adding shine into the color as a part of the process. The result is a more light-reflective color from your hair color service.
Henna is a completely different product altogether. Henna is a vegetable based dye that contains no metallic salts. However, just as metallic hair dye can cause an adverse reaction in other chemical services on the hair, Henna has its own problems.
Hair that is colored with henna can be inhibited in absorbing and processing other hair color services or chemical processing.
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