The Basics of the Bob Haircut (2)

Bob haircuts for a round face
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Round Face
Round faces can be those that are naturally shaped with more rounded lines, (common among some folks of Asian descent) or those who may be above their ideal weight and have found that their faces are plumped. In order to make sure a cut for this face shape is flattering, you must remember the secrets of creating a balanced look for rounded faces.
When cutting the bob to suit a rounder face, the emphasis must be placed on creating a vertical focus. This means that you want to keep the sides smooth and straighter, with little volume, and to drop the length to the neck, as opposed to stopping at the chin the way you might with an oval face.
In many cases, you’ll want to avoid a fringe in the bob cut for a round face, but if you opt for one, make sure that you keep it diffuse and wispy. A strong horizontal line (or even a curved one) will make the face look wider or emphasize the curves of the face.
By elongating the cut and keeping the volume to a minimum on the sides, we give the appearance that the face is slimmer. This means that the look is flattering and keeps the overall appearance balanced and attractive.
Square Face
The square face is often the hardest to categorize because many people fail to notice the traits that make a square face. If you expect to see someone who looks like a child’s alphabet block is sitting on his or her shoulders, you will be disappointed. In most cases, the square face is little more than one with a broad forehead and wide jaw. It is usually a subtle shape, and may only have an upper or lower “squaredness” that is notable.
Bob haircuts for a square face
The square face presents its own challenges when adapting a bob cut to suit it. These challenges aren’t necessarily tougher than for other face shapes, but they do require a little more “fine tuning” of the cut in order to achieve the goal desired.
That goal, of course, is to minimize the angles and blockiness of the square face, while keeping the look in balance. To this end, we want to take the traditional bob cut and bring the length up to just above the chin, and to taper the ends so that the hair will cradle the jaw-line. If fringe is desired (as it is likely to be in order to mask a blocky forehead) be sure to keep the line rounded, and texture it to soften any lines.
The styling lines should focus inward, and give a rounded feel to the silhouette. This will give the impression that the face is oval overall, since the hair will serve to buffer any corners of the square face.
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