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Hair Dropping Forward

Q: I have a problem with my hair dropping forward over my face and refusing to be pushed back. It is making my face look small and hidden as it were in a forest of hair. I have been told layering is the answer, but wanted to know where exactly on the head does the hair have to be shortened. The hair is long and quite thick medium length approximately 4 inches.
A: It sounds as though you have a strong growth pattern (where the hair grows in a specific direction). The hair can be difficult to control, and frequently requires either strong hold styling products, or the use of accessories to confine the hair into a specific style.
Layering the hair can help, particularly if you add layering and texturing to the hairline around the face. This won't keep the hair from going in the direction that is normal for it, but it will help to prevent the hair from "crowding" your face. The texturing allows the hair to hang in the direction it wants to go naturally without obscuring the face.
There are many different looks that would be suitable for almost any face shape, including a long-layered style with a rounded front hairline. In this style, the hair can be cut with layers that angle forward and then textured with a razor to soften and smooth the look.
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