Dry Sauna & Dry Hair

Woman in a sauna
Photo: Alhim/Shutterstock
Q: My husband and I joined a gym a few weeks ago and after our workouts I like to go into the dry sauna and let the heat soak into my aching muscles, but I've been noticing that my hair is feeling rougher and drier lately.
Could the sauna be the problem? Even if my hair is dripping with sweat, it does dry quickly in the sauna room. How can I keep my hair from drying out without giving up my relaxing after-workout ritual?

A: Well, you have to realize that a dry sauna is like being in a room-sized hair dryer.
The dry heat is meant to draw moisture out of the things to which it is exposed, which is why we sweat in the sauna. If your hair is unprotected, you will logically find that the moisture is being drawn out of it as well.
The best way to combat this is to wrap your head in a towel when you go into the sauna. It would good that the towel is damp so that you can be sure that the hair stays moist.
One thing I would suggest is that you apply your hair conditioner before entering the sauna, and THEN wrap the hair in the towel. Doing this would allow you to give your hair a deep conditioning treatment while you soothe your tired muscles. Afterward, simply shampoo and shower as you normally would after a workout.
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