Frizzy Curly Hair

Frizzy hair
Q: Hi, I have really frizzy hair, and a round face, and to add to that I am short. I have very thin hair (but when it is curled, it seems thicker) and it goes down to a quarter way down my back – past the shoulder length stage. I would really like to cut my hair short, but I know that it would not suit me because of my height.
I usually cut my hair in layers and have been blowing and ironing my hair straight. I really want to “give in to the curl” but don’t know how to have my hair cut. My hair tends to be drier and thinner around my face and does not “drop” nicely. Instead, it stands out like a fan. Please help, I want to work with my curls but I want a hairstyle to suit my face...

A: First of all, you should remember that in cutting the hair, “short” is a relative term. What is short for one person is medium length to someone else, depending on their frame of reference.
A woman whose hair has always been a few inches past her shoulder considers her hair to be long. Yet, her friend - whose hair hangs to her waist – thinks of her friend’s hair as medium length. So, stop thinking in those terms. You say you are short, but that doesn’t preclude your having shorter hair, so long as you keep the “size” of your hairstyle in proportion to the rest of your body.
Now, to address the frizzy portion of your hair complaint: Many times, fine, curly hair that is thin is prone to dryness, and therefore frizz. You should be sure you are using a shampoo designed to smooth the hair to fight frizz, and keep your hair well conditioned. You should condition the hair daily, even if you don't shampoo. In many cases, your conditioner is sufficient to remove the soil found in the hair after a day's exposure to the environment.
You might also need to get and use a leave-in conditioner and an anti-frizz serum. It can significantly help to keep the hair smooth and healthy, especially to protect it from damage caused by heat styling. Furthermore, I suggest that you start giving yourself weekly deep conditioning treatments, by applying your favorite conditioner to the hair, covering it with a plastic cap and wrapping your head in a dryer-heated towel for 20 minutes.
Once you manage to get your hair in better condition, you should take a good look at your hair in its natural state. After shampooing and/or conditioning the hair, allow it to airdry (or wrap it in a towel turban fashion and allow the towel to wick away the moisture, then let it airdry) and take a look in the mirror. From what you've described of your hair, you should be able to get a shorter, flattering style by cutting the length as desired and using thinning shears or notching shears to remove bulk toward the bottom of the hair.
To style your curly hair and combat frizz, use a diffuser attachment on your hair dryer and your fingers to lift the hair while drying. Be sure to apply styling gel and anti-frizz serum to the hair to protect it and hold the hair smooth during drying. Just be sure not to let the hair get too dry and break up the curl too much or you'll still end up with frizz.
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