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How to Choose Sunglasses to Suit Your Face

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The Oblong Face
With a long and narrow oblong face, you need to play down the length of your face. Pick round or square shaped sunglasses that do a good job of widening as well as shortening your face. However, while widening is good, remember that your sunglasses shouldn’t be wider than the broadest part of your face or they’ll end up looking too big for your face.
Sunglasses by Silhouette

Useful Tips
So while those are the tips depending your face shape, here are some other general tips that might be useful when you’re out there shopping for that perfect pair of sunglasses.
• Black frames and lenses are by far the most popular choice of sunglasses and looks good on most people. However, if the lens are too dark you might end up looking like Stevie Wonder! Make sure the black isn’t too much of a contrast with your skin color either.
• Don’t be afraid of color. So yes, black and brown are eternal favorites but with the 80s revolution in full swing, you can always invest in a pair of colored sunglasses. Choose a color that goes with most of your outfits and is ideal for your personality.
• Cheap Vs Expensive?
Well…I have both and I know I shouldn’t buy really cheap sunglasses but I can’t help it. They look so nice and I can’t afford $300 sunglasses all the time. Yes, expensive branded pairs will probably provide you better protection from the harmful rays of the sun however.
• Casual and formal
I have a couple of expensive pairs that I wear on formal occasions so I look chic like the other people with me. But for everyday wear, I have some casual pairs that don’t look too formal for my everyday jeans and t shirts. I’d suggest everyone have at least one casual and one formal pair.
• Your sunglasses should fit you right and you should be able to wear them for hours on end. So make sure they sit right on the bridge of your nose so it’s not constantly slipping off. Also, while it’s important they fit right, make sure they’re not too tight or you’ll end up with a headache every time you wear them.
Happy shopping girls….with these tips, you’re bound to look like a superstar in your sunglasses!
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