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The Sporty Look

If there is any such thing as a universal language, then style has to be one such language. Your style conveys so much about who you are or sometimes who you want to be known as. This is a big myth that you can only have a certain kind of look that matches your personality.
The truth is that you project any image that you want to, the only pre condition is that you should be totally comfortable and confident doing that. E.g. so many gorgeous movie stars strut their stuff on red carpets, looking sexy, stylish and elegant and are some times quite the opposite in their normal lives.
Now the same is true in case of sporty look. You don't have to be an actual athlete, or look like an athlete to don this look. All that you need is a sporty attitude!
Some tips on how to attain the sporty look:
girl with a sporty look • A great sporty and stylish look can be achieved by a long or short sleeved cotton top with some horizontal stripes. Team this up with white trousers or blue denim jeans and your sporty look is complete.
• Track suits are of course great for a sporty look, but not all the track suits are stylish. For a stylish sporty look, go for a shirt that is form fitting. The pants should not be too wide.
• Body hugging cotton t-shirts with or without hooded top paired with track suit bottom give you a crisp and active sporty look.
• Chuck the horizontal stripes if you are a bit on the heavier side, as they will make you look wider. Opt for vertical stripes instead. If you have a long neck then you can try roll neck tops, they look quite sporty, but ladies with shorter necks should avoid that as it would make their necks appear even shorter.
• Jumpsuits are the flavor of the season. Women in all shapes and sizes would look fabulous and sporty in jumpsuits. Soft natural fabrics are best suited for jumpsuits.
• A basic black tennis dress with a sexy mini skirt and strappy black sandals are all that you need for a sporty look in the evening. Finish off with a metallic sports watch like the ones from Casio.
• If you have an hourglass figure, then flaunt it by wearing a pair of low rise, tight fitting Yoga pants that have bell bottom. Pair this with equally sexy and body hugging wife-beater top.
• A pair of leggings and a full sleeve body hugging, round necked t-shirt combined with a pair of ballet flats, and you have your sexy ballerina look. Sporty and sassy at the same time!
• When going for an athletic look, try keeping accessories to a minimum. Trainers and sneakers are the best choice in general; however it can change depending on the particular look you are aiming at.
• About hairstyle, hair tied nice and tight into a short pony tail is of course the classic for a sporty look. However other styles like, a messy bun, or loose hair etc could also be good depending on how they go with the entire outfit.
These were just a few examples, after that its up to you as to what sort of sporty look you want for yourself. Just remember, although to don a sporty look you need not necessarily have a sporty lifestyle, but if wearing sporty clothes can inspire you to actually have a sporty lifestyle then that would be a real icing on the cake!
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