The Neckline Language Decoded (2)

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3. Square Neck:
Also known as empire, this is a square cut neckline and provides the maximum view of the chest area and the cleavage. This type of neckline accentuates an average build or large-framed women as it offers a sense of balance. But this neckline is not suited for women who are small and petite.
4. Diamond Shaped:
Also know as Queen Anne cut after the British queen, this neckline is best suited for small-breasted women who have narrow shoulders. The diamond-shaped view of the chest area makes a woman appear well proportioned. This cut is not at all suitable for women with broad shoulders.
III. Casual Necklines
These necklines are most appropriate for all casual wear.
1. V-Necked:
The V-neck cut is the most popular casual-wear cut among women. The V cut gives the appearance of a long neck and oval face. This cut is suitable for all body types. The only point to remember is that the dress or blouse should be well fitting.
2. Turtle Neck:
Named after the appearance of the neck of a turtle when it comes out of its shell, this is a closed neckline featuring a foldable collar below the chin. This neckline is best suited to women with narrow shoulders, a long neck and an oval face. But this neckline is not suitable for women having a large face as it makes the face appear even larger.
3. Cowl Neck:
This neckline features some amount of fabric hanging on the cut to give a scooping fashion on the chest. This cut is best suited for women with heavier-build, wide face and short and wide neck.
4. Scoop Neck:
Also known as the U cut, as it makes a deep U down the chest area, this neckline is a good choice for small-busted, as well as heavier-build and wide-faced women.
Apart from the above mentioned necklines, also be very careful while selecting jewelry to go with the dress. As a thumb rule, always remember that any necklace you wear should either be a thumb above or a thumb below the neckline. So, go ahead and make yourself look glamorous with the right kind of neckline.