How to Find the Right Glasses (3)

3. Arched Eyebrows
glasses shapes for arched eyebrows
Arched eyebrows are typical for women. The eyebrows end at a lower point on the temples. Large lenses and slightly rounded lenses are a good choice. For the best style choose rounder, larger lenses to highlight the eye zone.
Avoid lenses with a straight upper edge, upward sloping lenses (e.g. cat eye) and small lenses.
4. Flat Eyebrows
glasses shapes for flat eyebrows
Flat eyebrows form and almost straight line. Go for a rectangular, narrow lens shape. Square or rectangular lenses and narrow lenses are a good choice. Choose rectangular, narrow lenses for an uplifting effect on the eye zone.
Avoid round lenses, upward sloping lenses and butterfly shape lenses.
Choice of color: Go for contrast
Some colors allow the face to radiate, others make you look pale. In order to really celebrate your own eye color, look for complementing colors. Choose dark glasses for light eyes and light glasses for dark eyes. Light with dark - it sounds easy. And it is, as long as you follow a few really simple tips.
A choice of glasses that utilises contrasts simultaneously achieves suspense and resolution. That's why it is effective to match dark eyewear with light eyes and vice versa. The darker the eye color, the easier it is to select the color of the glasses, because most colors suit dark eyes. And black is always a winner; it draws attention to every eye color.
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