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What to Wear to a First Date

In life you might get a second shot at a lot of things but you will never, ever get a second chance at creating a ‘first’ impression. This pretty much sums up why the first date is, more often than not, preceded by nerve wracking bouts of anxiety. It’s perfectly all right girls; all that it shows is that you are human beings after all.
A major cause of this panic attack is rooted in the dilemma “What should I wear?” Remember the first rule for dressing up for the first date: ‘there are no rules’, there are only tips to avoid mishaps.
So where’s it gonna be?
• That’s the first important fact you need to keep in mind before you proceed with your great hunt for the perfect dress.
• Is it a dinner date at a classy restaurant that demands something elegant or is it a dinner date at Mc Donald’s where that long flowing evening gown would
be….errr…a bit misplaced.
• The point is to keep in mind the location and the kind of activity you plan to indulge in there and dress accordingly. Common sense ain’t that common especially when you are under a massive panic attack!!
Who really are you?
• The way you dress should reflect your personality; after all you are proud of who you are. This is the opportunity to make a statement with your dressing (i.e. in a positive and self-confident manner).
• Are you more of a serious career girl, or a fun devil-may-care-happy-go-lucky girl or maybe a really ‘girlie’ girl? Wear something that you feel is most appropriate vis-à-vis your personality and something you are most comfortable wearing.
There is no right dress, only an appropriate dress
Once you know the style of the outfit you will wear, its time to choose the actual outfit.
• The color selected should suit your skin tone, the dress should suit your body shape and size, it ought to fit you in all the right places.
• In general avoid something too revealing, it might sky rocket his ‘expectations’. Leave something to his imagination, let his excitement build up, let him anticipate what good things and pleasures await him rather than killing the fun by revealing too much!
• However there’s nothing wrong in showing a bit of cleavage here and some legs there only if that is what you are and you can carry it off with the confidence and swagger of Angelina Jolie!
• Remember, feeling sexy is important, but then as they say ‘sexy is the state of
the mind’.
Make up and accessories
• Don’t use very heavy make-up, which will most likely leave an impression of artificiality about you. Be confident and proud of the way you look, you don’t need to embellish your natural beauty under tons of make up.
• I will tell you a secret: most men can appreciate natural beauties, and if this one doesn’t, well, take a long hard look and rethink, do you really want him?
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