The Boyfriend Fashion Trend (2)

The boyfriend fashion trend for women
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III. Cardigans

If you just love those cardigans of your boyfriend or husband and want to wear them for winter, well don’t worry as here’s how you can and look cool and sexy in them.>
• Take the longest sweater in your boyfriend’s or husband’s closet and wear it with a legging to make it into a sweater dress. Accentuate your waist with a belt and add some sexy heels to the outfit.
• If it is too cold outside, add a women’s long coat over it.
• Wear your boyfriend’s or husband’s cardigan with a fitted top and tight jeans.

IV. Miscellaneous

To get that perfect look with your boyfriend’s or husband’s clothes, follow these general rules:
• Always play the tough and tender looks together to get the most stunning effects. For example, add a bow trimmed blouse with the manly blazer.
• Always add contrast, like wear a skin tight t-shirt with the manly jacket, or show your cleavage with those baggy cargo pants or jeans.
• Always roll up the jean’s bottom to show your ankle and add a sexy footwear. High heels also add a feminine touch to your boyfriend fashion attire.
• Always go with a natural look when sporting the boyfriend fashion, with bare minimum makeup and natural hair styles.

V. Shop Right

Boyfriend fashion doesn’t just have to be about raiding your boyfriend’s closet. I know some of our boyfriends don’t have a great fashion sense. Don’t despair. Simply hit the stores and you’ll find more than enough women’s fashion to keep up with this latest trend.
So now that you know how to rock in your boyfriend’s or husband’s clothes, raid their closet and give them as well as your friends a pleasant surprise with your new fashion trend.