Tamara Braun Hairstyles

Tamara Braun is an American actress, born on April 18th 1971. Tamara is known for her roles as Carly Corinthos in the daytime drama "General Hospital" and Ava Vitali on "Days of our Lives".
  • Tamara Braun
  • Tamara Braun wearing a hair band
  • Tamara Braun's easy long hairstyle
  • Tamara Braun wearing her hair pinned back

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No thick bangs shall ever infringe on Tamara's expressive cat eyes and she has been wearing her hair in a range of long styles but always kept her forehead and face unobstructed. Usually she parts her sleek lengths on the side and arranges the long side sections in a soft curvy flow, tugs them behind her ears or pins them back with a stylish accessory or a wide hairband.
Casual and easy going is the name of her style and she takes a very natural and simple approach to styling and beauty. It works great for her and she is one of those lucky women who can wear anything and look amazing. Ponytails are a stylish alternative to the open looks and a loose and smooth gathering of her hair in the nape makes for a glamour version. While her basic cut has not changed much, her color did so even more and her personal palette includes shades of blonde, brown and muted reds.
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