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Tamara Braun's Long Silky Hair

Tamara Braun's Mona Lisa smile was seen at the "Defying Equality: The Broadway Concert" on February 23, 2009. Tamara has long silky hair that has been first lifted up to a few levels from her own brown and then foiled with blonde panels. The color is very fresh and different, not an overwhelming blonde, but a clearer concentration on the light warm brown. There are slight angles on her sides and a small side part on the top that takes the long bangs over the forehead and under the sides to be secured.
The hairstyle in itself would be easy for you to keep if you have the right haircut and your hair is naturally smooth and straight. If you have curly hair, of course you will have the task of straightening your hair every time you want the smooth structure.
Sporty look with long straight hair - Tamara Brown The hair color is another story. No matter how well you are already tinting your hair, the coloring should be left up to the professionals. All it takes is once, to mess up the coloring in your hair, after that you have three choices. One is to just get it all cut off. Another is to let it grow out and not do anything. The third option would be for you to go to a professional colorist and allow them to fix what you messed up. The quicker you decide what is most important to you will be the deciding factor of what choice you would have to make. But, we hope you won't be doing it yourself in the first place.
Tip: most of the time a small simple change in the way you look will bring huge changes and big rewards. Tamara's hair length can be braided or styled in an updo or rolled with large bouncy deep waves. For the elegance of braids, Hairfinder has several instructive articles for you to read. Braids are especially charismatic to wear for a wedding.
Tamara keeps her makeup simple with thinly arched eyebrows, a small amount of concealor in her inner corners, a light warm eye shadow, black eyeliner, lashes and mascara, a little dark line under her cheekbones to show off their high form and a medium raspberry rose matt lip color. The matt lip tint is an excellent choice and taste for a conservative, yet attractive approach.
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