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Tinsley Mortimer's Hair Styles

Tinsley Mortimer Hairstyles in 2003 & 2007
Celebrity Tinsley Mortimer wears her naturally straight hair in a long willowy setting flowing way below her shoulders. Her color is a practical match with the ivory platinum satin dress she is wearing, especially with the color closer to her head. Very attractive match.
Tinsley Mortimer with very long straight hair
Tinsley Mortimer with long curled hair
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For contrast, with that same look wearing the same style of dress and hair, picture her with a dark emerald green satin with a emerald brocade necklace. For a completely dressy affair; she would look her best, with her hair up.
Moving to the next picture we see Tinsley in long curled layers on the lower length of her hair. The curls are pretty and her dress reminds me a lovely Swiss maiden.
In the end, the nature of the occasion should determine how you wear your hair. If you are attending an elegant dinner and have long hair, your hair and apparel should also look as dignified as the event. For a easy informal lunch out, no one expects you to look like you've just come from addressing the Queen. It is better to give the impression of class, than sex.
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