Tanya Boyd's Hair Styles

Tanya Boyd - Hair with layers and bangs
Photo by PR Photos
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Tanya Boyd in 2003 & 2004.
Here is a yummy piece of colorful light cinnamon cake for you! See how her hair is sparkling and how easily it flips out and up. Look at the gleam in her face.
What is this celebrity saying to us with such a generous smile? Perhaps it could be "Not only am I loaded with confidence, but I am absolutely thrilled over everything."
This hairstyle is cut in layers, and as we can see; the top has been tweaked to medium length with a wisp for bangs and the dress she is wearing is true to form with the hairstyle.
Tanya Boyd with shoulder length red hair
Photo by PR Photos
Moving on to the color of red, with white new growth seen in her center part. Tanya Boyd's hair has been straightened to reach down and touch her shoulders. Moving to the groove, she's smiling all around. Can she wear this style successfully? You be the judge.
Which picture appealed to you the most? Which style of Tanya did the most for her? For myself, I voted for the first picture and it's cheery countenance, although she wasn't in the sunshine. The other picture doesn't seem to be quite as optimistic as the first, yet she is walking in the sunshine. Almost like night and day.
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