Tanya Boyd Hairstyles

Tanya Boyd is an American actress, born on March 20th 1951 in Detroit. Tanya is known for her role as Celeste Perrault on "Days of our lives".
  • Tanya Boyd
  • Tanya Boyd with red hair

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This elegant lady is a hard worker and so is her hair. Her naturally dark and curly hair has undergone enormous amounts of treatments, all with the result of making Tanya look as fabulous as possible. Her preferred haircolors appear to be in the blonde and in the red range. The blonde, slightly muted and intensified in its ethereal shine with refined highlights, her red tones are smoldering, sultry and super sexy.
The styles that go along with the color are classy and sophisticated while covering also quite a range of looks. Bobs, sleek textured lines, sassy short haircuts and medium long layered hairstyles are all part of the stylish lineup. It is especially the medium long looks that stand out and are especially flattering for Tanya. She wears them either with well defined and very feminine waves or in a spunky version with flipped up ends.
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