Stephanie Gatschet Hairstyles

Stephanie Gatschet is an American actress, born March 16th 1983. She is known for her roles as Tammy Winslow on Guiding Light and as Madison North on All My Children.
  • Stephanie Gatschet
  • Stephanie Gatschet wearing her hair up
  • Stephanie Gatschet with long straight hair

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Stephanie has pretty long and blonde hair. Her much coveted color shines in a honey tone and often has well placed highlights to lift it up a notch and to add more depth while at the same time enhancing the visual effect of the movement of her hair. And motion there is plenty.
Her long mane is cut in layers to ensure an even distribution of the volume and the ends often have a gentle texturing for softness and increased drama. A glam styling of this basic haircut includes large curls and luscious waves that can be well defined or fashionably disheveled for a more sexy appearance. But even in sleek and straight her layers create a flattering frame around her face.
Stephanie looks best with feminine and classy looks that exude modern sophistication. One of her worse bad hair days ever was an interesting updo creation that had the best intentions but in the end turned out to look like exploding bamboo sticks.
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