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Corkscrew and Spritely Curls

Stephanie Gatschet was listed among those who attended the 39th Annual Peace over Violence Humanitarian Awards Dinner and Silent Auction on October 29, 2010 in Beverly Hills, Ca.
Stephanie wore her blonde hair in a semi-updo with a short part on the top and smoothly combed over into a couple of thick corkscrew curls along the side of her face. The other side also presents a spritely curl. The rest of the hair is secured in the back and cascades upon her back. Stephanie's hairstyle would be a fairly easy hairstyle to do for yourself, as you practice to perfect the curls around your face.
Her makeup is carefully blended with a matt foundation, a few penciled in strokes for her eyebrows, a light sandy buff color and blends of warm brown shadow, eye liner, mascara and blush. There is a neutral gloss for her lip tone. Color meets color as her striking blue dress is a definite ally next to her blonde hair and small blue earrings and sapphire necklace. What colors do we see immediately when we look at Stephanie? We could say, blonde, tan and blue.
Tip: When in doubt to see if those colors really go together, use your children's crayons and make sure you put the blue in the center with the lighter colors on the sides. Stephanie has blue eyes, blue earrings, blue necklace and a blue dress over the tan with the blonde on the top. In fact, get a little creative and draw an ice cream cone whose over all color is tan, sprinkle it with generous amounts of blue and topped with blonde and see what that looks like. You can do this with any color. Be inventive and use your new colors on yourself.
Steaphanie Gatschet wearing her hair in a semi updo Easy updo with curls - Stephanie Gatschet Hairstyle with spritely curls - Stephanie Gatschet
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