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Stefanie Powers' Long Hair

The stars were out and looking good at he Royal World Premiere of 'Skyfall' in London (October 23rd, 2012). Stefanie Powers showed up looking very glamorous in an all black ensemble. She is 70 years old and looking fierce! Stefanie's strands are cut about three or four inches past the shoulders. It's a nice mid ground and not too long for older women to pull off.
Multiple layers are cut throughout to add a flattering hourglass shape to the hairstyle. Stefanie's strands are blown out nice and smooth. Hair is flipped out at the lengths and rolled under at the crown. The sweet flips give a great shape to the overall look. Thick side bangs are tousled and give the haircut some sex appeal. You still need some of that when you're older! Stefanie's hair is super thick so lots of layers help keep it from becoming too heavy. Cutting some bangs also help take some weight off and open up her face.
And can we talk about this beautiful hair color she's rocking? This awesome shade of red goes very nicely with Stefanie's green eyes. The color is a coppery brown and looks very natural. There is just enough red to give it a nice pop but the brown undertones keep it from looking fake. Reds do tend to fade quickly so make sure you keep up with regular hair appointments in the salon. Get your roots touched up and add a glaze to the ends of your hair to refresh any fading that occurred in between visits.
Stefanie Powers look with long red hair Long hourglass shape hairstyle - Stefanie Powers
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Photos: Featureflash / Shutterstock