Stefanie Powers with Copper Curls

Stephanie Powers hair with curls
Photo: S. Bukley/Shutterstock
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Long time actress Stefanie Powers glammed up for a night on the town for the re-opening of the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles (October 29th, 2006). We think she looks great for a lady in her sixties. Let's talk about her fun and unique long hairstyle shall we?
Copper colored curls really make Stefanie stand out from the crowd. We love how natural and rich the color looks. The shade is light enough to complement her pretty green eyes and fair complexion but dark enough to really show off that deep copper hue. It's absolutely perfect for her. Even though it is a solid, all-over color the curls catch the light in different ways and gives the illusion of highlights.
Curly hair has a natural depth and dimension to it that glows beautifully when colored correctly. Stefanie's hair is cut right at the shoulders. She diffuses her hair in order to show off her natural curl pattern. (If your blow dryer doesn't have a diffusing nozzle check your local beauty supply store to buy an attachment.)
Stephanie Powers - Long hairstyle with copper curls
Photo: S. Bukley/Shutterstock
It is pretty unusual to see curly haired ladies with thick forward facing bangs but we actually like what it's doing for Stefanie at this event. The thick curls fall right at the eyebrows so they don't cover her eyes at all or look in the way.
The bangs also help frame her face and give the overall look shape and style. The bangs are worn forward when the top section is pulled back loosely and pinned with bobbies or a barrette. A half up style is a great idea for ladies who have tons of hair. Pulling it back lightens up the look and you won't have to worry about your hair being in your way all night.
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