Sheridan Smith's Hair

Sheridan Smith wearing her hair in a bob
Photo by PR Photos
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Sheridan's sparkling personality won everyone's heart at the Cosmopolitan Ultimate Women of the Year Awards in London. Well, you know what they say; "you either got it or you don't" and Sheridan definitely has what it takes.
Looks like Sheridan Smith is growing her hair out into a bob hairstyle as we can see the layers around the edges of her ends. She is wearing her hair with a long deep irregular side part and the heavy top is brought over to the side to cover part of her face and join the rest of the hair on the side. The other side is placed behind the ears and exposes her earrings.
Sheridan's hair color is high maintenance. We can see her natural hair color is a medium brown matching her eyebrows. Therefore her own hair would require a large degree of lifting to get the beige blonde that we see and this means continual moisturizing shampoos, conditioners, leave in conditioners, moisturizing gels and lotions. Everything must gravitate toward replacing the moisture in Sheridan's hair. Sheridan has the personality for it and won't lose one night of sleep over the upkeep.
The best and healthiest way to prepare for this hairstyle is to use large conventional rollers. After your hair is dry, brush and apply some moisturizing hair lotion to replace any moisture loss and brush again. You should have a large amount of volume available. Section off your side part and take the brush from the scalp around the front/temple area and flip out to lie along the sides. I do not advise the hair brushes with the small balls on the tips as sometimes the hair gets caught and it can be hard getting it out. My personal preference is using the classic boar brushes if you decide to blow dry. The French teasing brush is good when you back comb your hair.
Sheridan uses very little make up with natural eyebrows, translucent foundation, concealor (which is just as important, if not more than foundation), a dark smoke for eye shadow, circled eyeliner, lashes and mascara. She is wearing a very small amount of bronze that has been blended very well and a colorless lip gloss.
Tip: women need color, it doesn't mean that you have to put a bright orange on your lips, but most of us need a little color on our lips. Even teenagers need color. The trend for today is not to have any color on your lips and it will wash you out, or you will look too informal or a bit haggard without it.
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