Sheridan Smith Hairstyles

Sheridan Smith is a British actress, born on June 25th, 1981. Sheridan is known for playing the role of Janet Keogh in the sitcom "Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps".
  • Sheridan Smith

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Sheridan has had a range of different hairstyles over the past years, but none looks as perfect and as if it was invented for just her as a short A-lined bob. Forget the diamonds, a girl's best friend is a great haircut and Sheridan has definitely found hers. She is a beautiful woman with a slightly heart shaped face and looks great with other haircuts as well.
For example a very feminine long hairstyle with large curls did flatter tremendously as did a long, side parted and highly textured cut with lots of layers and even more wispy movement with Farrah Fawcett volume. Nothing beats however the sassy lines of the short bob. The color is equally fitting in a light blonde which is offset at times by darker sections underneath.
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