Ella Thomas' Hair

Ella Thomas - Long hairstyle with layers and short bangs
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Ella Thomas makes her way through the crowd at "Surrogates" world premiere in Hollywood. Her rich medium warm brown hair has has been cut in a long hairstyle with layers.
There is a slight part on the top that brings down her short bangs allowing her pretty eyes to be seen. The layers gather around her shoulders while some are scooped up and others move into a lovely smooth round curl.
The hair color compliments Ella's eyes and skin tones and the black color she is wearing is considered safe, but for extra pizzazz, rich colors of orange, yellow or lime would be her most flattering colors for her to wear. Her skin tone is radiantly soft.
Ella Thomas
Photo by PR Photos
She has high eyebrows, dark shadow on the lid, eyeliner up and down around her eyes. Lashes and mascara, bronzing and blush are brushed around her high cheekbones and she is wearing a subtle neutral lip color.
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