Elizabeth Henstridge's Bob

Elizabeth Henstridge - Easy to wear below the chin bob
Photo by PR Photos
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An absolutely stunning Elizabeth Henstridge attended the World Premiere of Disney's Cinderella. The English-born actress was dressed to impress in a sleeveless navy cocktail dress with black sequins, coordinating black pointed-toe stilettos, and matching black stud earrings.
Elizabeth keeps her makeup regimen simple: light foundation, a touch of brow lining, blue eye shadow to match her dress, and a modest light pink lip gloss. While her makeup application might be on the simpler side, Elizabeth's hair color is a bit more complex.
She has a lovely dark brown base hair color with light brown highlights woven throughout, achieved with a light brown toner at the shampoo bowl. Elizabeth's bob haircut falls a little below her chin, making it easy to still tuck behind her ears as demonstrated here, or if needed, in a small ponytail. Her lovely bob hairstyle is parted off and sectioned from the bottom to the top.
Elizabeth Henstridge wearing her hair in a wavy bob
Photo by PR Photos
A large barrel curling iron is used on the lowest heat setting to curl each section. Start by curling the sections underneath first, then continue wrapping the hair around the curling iron as you work your way up to the top layers.
After curling each layer, brush it out and apply hairspray, layer by layer. Once you reach the top layer, part the hair off-center and curl accordingly, and don't forget to hairspray!
Elizabeth Henstridge wearing a blue dress with black sequins
Photo by PR Photos
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