Kherington Payne's Hairstyle

Kherington Payne wearing a chained hair band
Photos by PR Photos
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Kherington Payne made a hit with her hairstyle at the Los Angeles premier of "Fame." Her hair is short, yet the nape around the back has been brought up to appear long.
The crown comes over the wide chained hair band and was given a little bit of height. The front comes down from the band into a sleek sheet of multi colored bangs and the top parts of her sides are fashioned to be combed toward her face.
Kherington has plenty of bronzing on her face to match the light tan on her skin. Her attractive eye brows are richly darkened with light and smoky shadows around her eyes and eyeliner, lashes and mascara. A little blush goes a long ways over the bronze and is set with a neutral lip color.
Kherington Payne with her short hair brought up
Photo by PR Photos
Her gown is set in black and silver and goes quite well with her hairstyle with her lovely white jeweled earrings as the final setting.
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