Kherington Payne Hairstyles

Kherington Payne was born on January 26th, 1990 and she's a dancer from Placentia, California.
  • Kherington Payne's short hair
  • Kherington Payne with her hair styled up
  • Kherington Payne

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This girl's hairstyles are just as sharp as her dance skills. Chic, sporty, full of energy and easy to maintain under all circumstances. She cannot go wrong with her razor textured bob that has so much interesting structure and always falls right into place. The wispy tips are just fun to look at and she can style this basic cut in a bunch of different ways ranging from feisty to sophisticated.
Short and medium long shag haircuts or other layered and textured looks can easily be dressed up and down with the addition of some fancy hair accessories like headbands or barrettes. Kherington's color of choice is a mild blonde tone that she spruces up with some wide highlights and also interspersed streaks of other shades of blonde.
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