Sarah Harding's Short Blonde Hair

Sarah Harding - Short haircut with the sides cut out
Photo by PR Photos
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Sarah Harding looks like she may have gotten a permanent in her short blonde hair, as the sides and back are quite curly.
Normally she likes to wear her hair straighter and a little bit longer, but this time we are seeing her with her sides cut out and everything is in layers and this spells quite a difference for Sarah. There is a poufy top that allows for the bangs to be styled over her eyes and it brings us a refreshing change from the normal trendy hairdos.
From the side with Sarah's red lip color and thin eyebrows, there is a striking resemblance to a young Bette Midler. Her grey suit is an outstanding choice to look professional and festive at the same time.
Tip: You can look completely professional with a good short haircut and attention to the details of your make-up like Sarah does.
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