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Jennie Garth & Kate Beckinsale

Jennie Garth - 08/30/2009

Want to be daring and stand out from the crowd? Let's look at Jennie Garth's Jean Harlow hair color and her unabashed bold orange dress with lipstick to match. All heads turn when she walks past. If they don't notice her dress, they will notice her short hair and lip color and it becomes an unforgettable experience. Jennie has long layers along the bottom of her cut that gathers momentum and punch. The coils were easy to achieve along with the messy array of waves. The side part gives her that sexy girly look that we all love. The length is perfect and falls about to the end of her chin.
Jennie is another one of those enviable starlets who has picture perfect skin and uses a light toned foundation with concealor around her eyes, a warm muted shadow, lashes and mascara. Her eyebrows have a few penciled strokes in them and are delightfully naturally looking, then; we have the outstanding orange blaze lip color. Good to go Jennie!
Kate Beckinsale 09/09/2009

Kate Beckinsale with her hair styled to imitate a plunged bob Let's look at what Kate Beckinsale had done to her hair! Very interesting, at first glance you don't notice how the hair is secured under to imitate a plunged bob. This means, she still has her long hair, as we can see remnants of it along the front on the sides from the center part. Her lush brown hair color is another plus for Kate, as it looks to be a rich horse chestnut with a few variable thin lines of light.
We've got to admit, her face looks exciting and beautiful and part of this scene stealer's reason is because of her high Cleopatra gold necklace that is studded with diamonds. Her dewy complexion has touches of bronze and blush that builds up her eyes that have concealor, a brown eye shadow, eyeliner, lashes and mascara. Her natural brows are complimentary to her earth appearance and match the neutral lip color. Her medium dark blue strapless gown becomes an asset along with the necklace.