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Smooth Hairstyle with Long Layers

Disney star Hayden Panettiere spread her happy sparks at the Tiger Cruise movie premiere in New York on August 3rd, 2004.

Her golden blonde hair was cut into long layers and artfully arranged to frame her smiling face. One of the key elements in this style is the diagonal fringe that is easily achieved by parting the hair on the side, adding some styling potion to the hair and combing it to the side.
The same smoothing product has been applied to the rest of the hair as well to give it a very smooth look. Wide strands were curved and slightly turned inward. This technique makes sure that there are no frizzy fly-away hairs disrupting the silkiness of the look and it also gives the hair hold and a good texture. Of course a bit of extra shine comes right with it.
Back and side view of Hayden Panettiere's long hairstyle Hayden Panettiere - Long hairstyle that frames the face Hayden Panettiere - Hairstyle with a diagonal fringe Close-up photo of Hayden Panettiere's hair Hayden Panettiere wearing a shiny pink dress
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