Daphne Zuniga's Hair

Daphne Zuniga - Long below the shoulders hairstyle
Photo by PR Photos
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Talented Daphne Zuniga has a black hair color with a few brown areas processed throughout her long layered hairstyle. The central part is navigated into one large zag that allows for her hair to have the two long dipped waves on both of the sides. The rest of the hair lies below her shoulders and upon her back.
I believe Daphne can be much more attractive, beginning with a new customized haircut. I would cut her hair about halfway around her neck. Then take out some of the heaviness in her appearance with a few choppy layers. She would still have some length, but it would be more up and light. The ends would be able to lie around her neck or flip out a bit and still be long enough to be put into an upswing if she desired. She would have irregular bangs with more on one side, they would go up and then a sudden drop.
While a light blue shimmering, rippled wave dress is pretty, there are other dresses that would probably do more for Ms. Zuniga. I would suggest a soft muted olive green medium v-neckline on her, with one large jade in the center and gold earrings to match.
Daphne Zuniga hairstyle - side view
Photos by PR Photos
There is a lot of pink in Daphne's skin tones. To neutralize her tones just a bit I would apply a neutral tawny lip shade that would also go with the olive dress. A muted smoky green shadow would bring her luscious blue eyes out. Tip: Become sensitive with colors. Everyone has one color that looks better on them, than the others. Although, your eyes may be blue like Daphne's, it may not be your best color.
Also consider the frontal area, if you tend to be broader, then, a v-neckline could be your best selection. Someone smaller would find the square cut front be more flattering. Most important, do not follow the trend, just because everyone else is wearing the same thing. You can look so much better with a little bit of thoughtful creativity.
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