Dara Torres's Short Hair

Dara Torres - Short hairstyle with the neck section flipped up
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Dara Torres wears a refreshing short hairstyle that moves into a large rounded smooth bulk with the edge of her neck flipped up and comparable to a sixties fashion.
One side is blended over her head and along the coast of her side, while the other side has been brought out with a standout wave behind her ear. Her lovely tan lends more definition to her short hairstyle and the unique light beige coloring.
Dara's make-up blends in bronzing, light and dark shadows, eyeliner up and down, lashes and mascara, penciled brows and flesh colored lip tint. Her dressy black dress has a triangle opening in the front complete with a circle pendant attached to her necklace. There are small earrings that can barely be seen that brings a touch of delicacy to her photo.
Dara Torres wearing a refreshing short hairstyle
Dara Torres
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