Shaun Sipos & Matt Lanter Hair

Shaun Sipos hair
Shaun Sipos
Resembling the late Paul Newman, Shaun Sipos keeps his hair clipped in a conventional haircut with the top short enough to have some volume of hair that goes over from the side part.
Both sides are combed down and around the ears with side burns along the front. The back flows completely in sync with the sides, not too short or long. His light brown hair has weaves of thin blonde scattered around the front, while the rest of the hair remains a more natural effect.
With a strong jaw line and the trendy 4'oclock shadow, Shaun looks good in his pin striped shirt, dark tie and suit to match.
Matt Lanter
Matt Lanter hair
They say there is a sucker born every minute and with Matt Lanter's enthralling blue eyes, I am sure he holds many a girls heart pounding just by looking at his breathless eyes.
His dark hair is fashioned in easy long layers around the top and crown with a few messy chunks scattered upon his forehead. The nape is a little bit longer and the sides are designed around his ears. His hair is short enough for a little bounce and one can see the lighter color that sits in the crown that could be from a former coloring.
His blue shirt with red pin stripes and red tie becomes an asset to those seducing eyes.
Photos by PR Photos