Shawn Johnson's Hair

Shawn Johnson wearing her hair away from her face
Photo by PR Photos
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Being a world class gymnast Shawn Johnson understands the importance of keeping up her hair in selectively attractive styles. That is, styles that will accompany her twists and bounces. Her hair is shown in colors of blonde and honey panels that go so well with her lightly tanned skin color.
With a glorious appeal, her hair is combed away from her face and then a piece brought to lie upon her shoulder in the coiled style of today. The top is smoothed with a simple light dip moving toward the side and the rest of her hair. There is small twirl of hair on the opposite side that goes into a different direction and generates a delightful contrast.
Shawn's light make-up is dressed with light turquoise shadow, eyeliner, mascara, a few penciled strokes in her brows, bronzing/blush and light neutral lip tint. Her pinky rose colored sundress couldn't be a better color for Shawn and with the simplicity of spaghetti straps, she is sure to darken her tan in no time.
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