Agyness Deyn's Hair

Agyness Deyn wearing a bob that covers the ears
Photo by PR Photos
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Agyness Deyn keeps her short platinum hair in a straight bob with a side part and part of the bangs to hang below her eyes and rest over the bridge of her nose. The bob just covers her ears and is combed toward the face. The back is inched around the nape to correspond with the length in the back.
There are panels of hair that are colored a natural golden blonde, while other strips look to be more of an ash. There are other ways to wear the hair besides the classic bob look that Agyness is wearing and one of the ways is to roll it with medium sized rollers from the part, all going down.
This will develop the deep lush waves that are so coveted for today after a vigorous brushing. Another way would be to take zigzag sections on the top and sides and twist them away from the face and secure with a pin, designing the ends to curl around each other.
Agyness Deyn's platinum blonde bob haircut
Photo by PR Photos
Agyness' make-up is a very natural looking application with a light translucent foundation, brushed darker brows, eyeliner, lashes and mascara. A light eye shadow is seen behind the lashes, a pink hue on her cheeks and neutral rose colored lip tint.
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