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Super-Short Punky Haircut

Agyness Deyn was spotted in November of 2007 at the British Fashion Awards looking punky in super-short, swirled and spiky gamine cut hair. With her pale-golden locks shorn thus and textured with a razor, the hairstyle is directed into the sort of controlled-chaos that emphasizes a youthful zest for life.
The cut also focuses attention on the eyes, which are made-up to draw and hold that attention. This is a great look for young women who want a funky, easy-care hairstyle or who like to play with the extreme ends of blonde color as the short length means that damaged hair can be re-grown and replaced with healthy hair in relatively short order.
Agyness Deyn with short spiky hair the easy to care hairstyle of Agyness Deyn Agyness Deyn wearing a long black dress
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