Long Hair with Small Curls

Natasha Budhi wearing her hair long with small curls
Photo by PR Photos
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Audacious socialite Natasha Budhi reveals a completely full expansive head of hair and more. I'd say, that is a pretty swanky platinum dress she is sporting these days. But, we are talking about hair aren't we?
Moving right along, her long hair is parted in the fashionable off centered area with small curls on top of each other. This style is a very difficult and time consuming procedure.
If your heart is set upon it, go get that glass of wine while you are blocking up your hair into sections of three in the back; of the bottom, middle and crown area. Block your top off by itself and the sides can be blocked up into two; top and bottom. You will need to find the smallest curling iron (smaller than your baby finger) you can find and begin on the very bottom of the back.
Apply the hotsets and wrap very small pieces of hair vertically across the back of your head. Take a drink of wine before you continue to the next row. Small means about 3mlm. Do this across your whole back laying the wee curls on top of each other.
Begin on one side, on the bottom and work your way up even to the top of the head laying the curls over the lower ones. By the time you get done you will have finished the whole bottle because your arms will be giving out. The easier way is to get a tight spiral permanent and save your wine for later.
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