Chelsea Staub Hairstyles

Chelsea Staub Chelsea Staub's bob
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Chelsea Staub is an American actress and singer, born September 15th, 1988. She is known for her roles as Stella Malone in JONAS and Alexis Bendel in Starstruck.
Chelsea has a lot of fun with her hair and uses it to her advantage, always making the best out of it. She is best known with her thick, long and wavy mane of golden blonde hair.
The lengths reached about mid-back and boasted huge curls that created a lot of enticing movement. This lioness lock offered plenty of options like ponytails, pigtails, upstyles or decorating it with different accessories like hairbands or barrettes.
Many had to take a second look when she stepped out in a radically new haircut. The side parted, chin length bob is perfect for her heart shaped face and shows her stylish and classy side. The lines are sleek and the blonde is a bit blonder for a young, but elegant and trendy look.
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