Ashton Kutcher's Hair

Ashton Kutcher's hairstyle with hair that falls over his ears
Photos by PR Photos
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Ever popular Ashton Kutcher can be quite original with his hairstyles. He has a natural form of waves that are cut into layers and combed from the crown to fall below his eyebrows. Very European Ash!
The sides are a good example of the zippy waves and there are also a few strands that fall over the ears in an attractive messy sort of way. I like the curl going along his face? I bet Demi Moore does too. The back is cut along the nape to flip up or ride around the neckline in the hair's natural design and growth pattern.
Ashton is wearing a good-looking dark grey button down shirt that gives him a mega boost for his masculine appeal.
Ashton Kutcher with hair that falls below his eyebrows
Photo by PR Photos
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