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Aubrey Plaza & Tiffany Giardina

Aubrey Plaza - 07/20/2009

Aubrey Plaza is wearing the classical smooth and glossy lines that come from a long straight hairstyle. Her hair could be naturally oily to have such sheen. The bangs were a good idea as they put a spotlight on her striking brown eyes. Tip: Customized textured bangs will always make you look younger. If this particular hairstyle appeals to you, my suggestion would be, after you have washed, rinsed, conditioned and dried your hair; the flat iron or large round curling iron could be used to smooth out the cuticles of the hair as pictured.
Aubrey has naturally thick eyebrows and this automatically gives her a soft natural appearance. There are smoky shadows in the outer creases of her eyes, eyeliner up and lower on the eyes, a spot of blush and a pastel pink lip gloss. Her gold dangly earrings harmonize very well with her satin navy blue strapless gown.
Tiffany Giardina - 07/20/2009
Tiffany Giardina - Brunette hairstyle with a braid Brown hair with a fishnet braid - Tiffany Giardina
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Tiffany Giardina's rich brunette hair has an off centered part and styled into an exquisite fishnet braid along the one side to rest below her shoulder. There are a few dangly coils about the frame of her face to remind us, that the wearer is an sporty sort and this is how her hair fell into place. The majority of today's hairstyles are not intended to look neat and prim, but loose and ruffled.
A smooth milky creaminess defines Tiffany's skin tones and she has kept her rich lush eyebrows. She wears eyeliner on the top and on the outer areas of her eyes. There is a little bit of warmth on her cheeks and a shimmery rose/pink lip tint. Her sundress/top is multi colored with blazing oranges, pinks, lavender, light green and black. Her earrings are of a thin drop that doesn't take away from her face or dress.