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Kate Walsh & Jennifer Lopez

Kate Walsh - 07/16/2009

The seductive appeal of redheads is a worldwide phenomenon that few minds are yet to understand, exempting all hairstylists of course. Kate Walsh has to get a grand award for topping the scale with her red hair. Although we know her hair isn't a natural red, she sure looks the part. Her hairstyle is in short spiffy layers that are coined in flips around her head. The collar cuffing hairstyle is quite versatile, as when blown, it can go back, under or up as shown. The extended top is moved over and down along her side to join the flips. Today's hairstyles are a two in one style, whether the hairstyle has the extending top that meets with the coils or flips are long or shorter like Ms Walsh's.
The pinker tones of Kate's skin looks just like a true redhead. Tip: Should you desire to bring out the pinker tones of your own skin, why not suggest to your hair professional to add a few red tones the next time you visit? Kate is wearing eyeliner, light beige shadow, mascara, barely blushes and transparent lip tint. A white top always looks smashing on redheads, however I would suggest wearing a colorful scarf of blue and mauves to break up the flesh and focus on the red hair.
Jennifer Lopez - 07/16/2009

Jennifer Lopez is right in the groove and wearing her hair with the unwrinkled seamless appearance on the top and long bangs that descend over her brows and shield part of her eyes. The hair then arrests to the top of her cheekbones, as the rest of the long hair transforms into the lazed split coils that overflow her shoulders. Her hair is a natural dark brown that has been highlighted into light warm browns and thin blondes.
Jennifers makeup has always been near perfection with a flawless foundation, eyeliner all around the eyes, slight smoky tones of shadows, a few fillers in the brows, mascara, warmth on the cheeks and pink/white lip tone.
Her multifaceted colored shirt looks good on her. Tip: do some experimenting with yourself, by holding different fabric and cloths up to your face to see what looks good on you. Not everyone can wear the busy design that Jennifer is wearing and just because you like a pattern doesn't mean it will look good on you.