Kate Walsh's Bob

Kate Walsh wearing her hair in a smooth straight bob
Photo by PR Photos
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Kate Walsh's meticulous red hair has a semi-circle part and is slickly styled into a smooth, straight bob that curves under just a small bit and embraces the length of her neck.
Using a large round or flat brush when you blow dry will help smooth out the cuticles as you go and form the hairstyle, but be sure to hold your blow dryer at least 13-18 cm (5-7 in) away from your hair to prevent harmful burning and drying.
Always use plenty of moisturizer after you shampoo and leave-in moisturizer gels to style with. You can also use moisturizing smoothing serums. If your hair tends to be on the dry side, use moisturizing products to hydrate your hair, just as you would for the biggest organ of your body: the skin.