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Kate Walsh & Heidi Klum

Kate Walsh - 09/21/2008

Kate Walsh's meticulous red hair has a semi circle part and slickly styled into a smooth straight bob that curves under just a small bit and embraces the length of her neck. Using a large round or flat brush when you blow dry will help smooth out the cuticles as you go and form the hairstyle but be sure you hold your blow dryer at least 12.7 - 17.8 cm (5-7 in) away from your hair to prevent harmful burning and drying.
Always use plenty of moisturizer after you shampoo and leave in moisturizer gels to style with. You will find moisturizing smoothing serums as well. If your hair leans to be on the dry side, use all moisturizing products to hydrate your hair, just as you would for the biggest organ of your body, the skin.
Heidi Klum - 09/21/2008

Heidi Klum wearing her hair loosely pulled away from her face Heidi Klum is one of those beautiful models who could put anything on and still look fabulous. She is wearing her long blonde hair quite simply with a light side part and by loosely pulling it away from her face and fastening it back with a hair band or clip. The style is dressed up with her large butterfly earrings and grey evening gown. The grey color neutralizes her hair, skin tone and make up.
This is an informal dressy appearance with the placement of a low ponytail mixed with the formality of her dress. To build this into a more formal image, all Heidi would have to do is twine her hair around into a chignon or bun, bringing the hair up from her back. Another way would be for her to braid her hair and twist it around the connection for a more sophisticated image or twist into that perfect position.