Kate Walsh Hairstyles

American actress Kate Walsh was born on October 13th 1967, in San José, California. She is known for playing the role of Dr. Addison Montgomery on Grey's Anatomy.
  • Kate Walsh wearing her hair smooth and long
  • Kate Walsh wearing a sexy silk dress
  • Kate Walsh
  • Kate Walsh with a bob haircut
  • Kate Walsh with red hair

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Kate is of a racy and classy beauty that is womanly and distinctive. Her preferred hair colors are auburn and coppery tones, but she also ventured into darker realms with a deep mahogany tone, which was a touch too hard for her features.
She looks better with lighter tones that exude a warm glow and the ideal haircuts for Kate are medium long to long with a side part and rounded volume to soften her look. Longer, partial bangs are a good choice to balance the proportions of her face.
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