Hair Styled Away from the Face

Rashida Jones wearing her hair styled away from her face
Photo by PR Photos
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Rashida Jones has a very earthy appearance with her reddish gold tones of brown hair (March 28th, 2007). With a side part, the hair is combed over half of her forehead, just above one of the brows and sits along the temple.
The rest of her long hair has been styled to be away from her face, revealing her ears and secured in the back with expressive lengths to come over her shoulders.
Her facial make up is extremely wholesome with brushed brows, thin eyeliner, mascara, a touch of light smoky shadow in the outer creases of her eyes, pale blush and medium pink lip tone.
Her earrings are small gold loops that help bring out the gold in her hair. The multi-colored top has bits of orange, turquoise, black and gold that all harmonize with the color of her eyes and hair.
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