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Rosanna Scotto & Shawn Johnson

Rosanna Scotto - 07/13/2009
Rosanna Scotto with highlighted brown hair
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Rosanna Scotto's hair is a natural dark brown that has been highlighted with thin rows of golden blonde and a subtle shade of cinnamon. Her hair automatically lies in an off centered part, no doubt from years of sectioning it the same way. The long top swoops down and rests above the hair along the side. The other side is fashionably combed down to curl under her chin with the other hair. Rosanna has good hair and I would love to see her with a more lighthearted layered crop. One with irregular choppy pixy bangs to match the airy layers all over her head. The sides could be blown toward the face in wispy feathers, singling out the pattern with spray and fingers as styled; and her length would rest in the middle of her neck, actually; the shorter the better. She would look at least 10 years younger.
I would also lighten up her hair more, with gold blondes and a couple shades of red. More attention would be directed to her eyes if we could customize Rosanna's total look. Her eyebrows have been nicely tweezed and combed, eyeliner, lashes, light/dark eyeshadow, a tiny amount of blush and a shimmery neutral lip color. Tip: sometimes, all you need is to lighten up your look with textured layering. Long smooth hairstyles are pretty, but sometimes can age and drag your countenance down.
Shawn Johnson - 07/15/2009
Shawn Johnson wearing her hair away from her face
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Being a world class gymnast Shawn Johnson understands the importance of keeping up her hair in selectively attractive styles, that is; fashions that will accompany her twists and bounces. Her hair is shown in colors of blonde and honey panels that go so well with her lightly tanned skin color. With a glorious appeal, her hair is combed away from her face and then a piece brought to lie upon her shoulder in the coiled expression of today. The top is smoothed with a simple light dip moving toward the side and the rest of her hair. There is small twirl of hair on the opposite side that goes into a different direction and generates a delightful contrast.
Shawn's light makeup is dressed with the light turquoise shadow, eyeliner, mascara, a few penciled strokes in her brows, bronzing/blush and light neutral lip tint. Her pinky rose colored sundress couldn't be a better color for Shawn and with the simplicity of spaghetti straps, she is sure to darken her tan in no time.