Autumn Reeser's Smooth Hair

Autumn Reeser with long layered hair
Photo by PR Photos
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Autumn Reeser wears her hair in long layers and subtle tones combined with browns, dark golden sand and a hint of clove, especially on the ends. A high side section extends her long smooth top over to be angled along her forehead and face to be tucked under the hair on her sides.
A flat iron or large round curling iron will bring the desired smoothness in Autumn's hair and with a small tilt on the ends you will accomplish the desired flip we see in the photos. Although, there is always the possibility that she is wearing a hairpiece known as the fall that attaches easily upon the crown; with a small amount of effort you can achieve this look for yourself.
Tip: When it comes to hairstyling, analyze what type of hair product your hair needs to be looking its best. For example, if you have hair that is oily and you wash it every day, try something different. The next time you wash your hair, rinse with lemon water and then apply an astringent at the base of your scalp like witch hazel or seabreeze. Forget about a conditioner. Your oil has been conditioning your hair and you've only gotten oilier. Try beer for a setting lotion, forget about mousse. Use a large round brush as you blow dry, but just remember that heat can aggravate an over active sebaceous gland.
Side and back view of Autumn Reeser's long hairstyle with a high side section
Photo by PR Photos
Autumn Reeser
Photo by PR Photos
A light frock of purple power can describe Autumn's sundress. The tri-panels in the front are hooked up with the circle around her neck and the lone strap that goes down to greet the backless dress. Purple rarely needs jewelry because purple stands out among the crowd and Autumn does this with her light make-up of tweezed brows, a little concealment (like us all), light shadow with blended in light taupe, eyeliner, mascara, barely blush, dust of powder and coral/tawny lip color.
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