Medium Hairstyle for a Petite Face

Autumn Reeser - Medium hairstyle with bounce
Photo by PR Photos
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Autumn Reeser is well named because her hair color is like the season of autumn with shades of various brown reds infiltrated throughout her hairstyle. She wore her medium length hairstyle at the CBS "Ghost Whisperer" celebrating their 100th episode in short idle coils around her head.
Her top hair was short enough to produce the needed bounce and the bangs that are designed over on one side of her forehead. This hairstyle would take a good task to curl the coils around the head, however it isn't a complete set look, so messy will be ok. Her hair length is full of a variety of hairstyles yet unseen and can be flipped up or brushed down or even worn up.
Autumn has a petite oval face and could wear her hair in any arrangement. Her small gold looped earrings are a perfect choice with her the color of her hair. I can see Autumn wearing the warmer colors such as: orange, corals, yellows and a rose.
Her eyebrows are roundly arched and there has been concealor in the inner corners of her eyes. A well blended smoky grey shadow gradually flows to her outer area. There is eyeliner encircled around her eyes, mascara a little blush and pink lip gloss.
Autumn Reeser - Medium length hairstyle for a petite face
Photo by PR Photos
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