Christine Lakin's Hair

Christine Lakin - Long hair styled across the top of the head and to the side
Photo by PR Photos
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Christine Lakin beams, as she poses in the great outdoors for her adoring fans. Her long hair has the traditional side feature that moves her hair across the top of her head and styled with the light dippy wave that is connected next to her eyes. The rest of her hair is also brought around her head to be linked with the hair on the side.
The flippy coils were wrapped around the coiling iron once, and then left to have the ends flip out. The other layers are lazily laced below her shoulders. Her color has gold, light blonde and reddish tones surfacing throughout her hairstyle. Her natural hair color would be considered to be a light brown or a deep blonde.
Christine's make-up is lightly blended with tones of blush, tweezed and penciled brows, eye liner, possible lashes and mascara, smoky shadow and a natural pinkish lip tint. She is wearing a Grecian one shoulder dress that has gathered creases from the top and blends over into her front. The dress is cream and blue in color and goes very well with her matching drop earrings.
Christine Lakin with her hair styled to one side
Photo by PR Photos
Christine Lakin wearing a Grecian dress
Photo by PR Photos
The only thing I would change with Christine is her hair. I would put a few large vertical curls close to her head on the one side, instead of the hanging hair she is presently wearing. In this way, she would appear more with the Grecian theme. Her hair ends could have been made a light brown or a light reddish color transmitting a becoming contrast onto the curls. How stunning that would be!
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